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Find out why we are building Soulskill and what you can expect from our Content Series - The Soulskill Deep Dive

The internet revolution has opened up a world of near-limitless choice for all of us, but on the flip side the explosion of online misinformation has also led to a steady erosion of trust between individuals and institutions; and similarly between consumers & brands.

At Soulskill, we believe that businesses need to adapt to this new reality by being more transparent with their customers, and building deeper, more authentic relationships with them. Hear from our founder, Hatim Baheranwala, on how we are building our own business around this principal.


The internet has been an amazingly transformational force for this world. Each one of us is on the same platform, and we all have access to content, and digital goods as well as physical goods from all over the world. It is touching the heart of not just our economy and society, but has started to fundamentally impact human behaviour as well - in both good and bad ways.

On one hand I personally love the internet for putting together a very large part of humanity on the same platform, for the first time ever. Anyone can talk to anyone else. There is actually transparency and open conversation at a scale never imagined before. At this very moment, I can read and respond to messages from global heads of state, business leaders and sports stars - all of my heroes and heroines.

On the flip side, we have also seen a break down of institutions. Being able to broadcast any message all over the world has meant that a lot of people have done exactly that! While all of us celebrated the arrival of social media initially, we have also seen how people can be manipulated through it. Echo chambers can be created, false narratives introduced in every conversation, and “fake news” is now a reality as much as “real” news.

The end result is that there has been a huge erosion of trust. Average people don’t trust institutions anymore, definitely not like they used to. And this trust deficit is beginning to hurt every part of our society.

96% of online consumers do not trust advertising

At Soulskill, we want to tackle one part of this deficit. Specifically, we want to look at how consumers have lost trust in businesses and brands all over the world - some recent surveys have even stated that 96% of people do not believe in advertisements put out.

We believe the solution is more authenticity, more honesty, and more transparency on part of brands. The world has fundamentally changed because of the internet, and now businesses need to change too. We finally have an opportunity for consumers can participate directly in the process of brand building, so why not involve them?

The more authentic that brands are, the deeper relationships they have with their customers, the more sustainable their businesses will be in the long run. And our business at Soulskill is to support brands that are looking to build these deep authentic relationships with their customers, with the help of our software and our services.

We believe the solution is more authenticity, more honesty, and more transparency on part of brands

So do join us on our journey in trying to make the world of marketing a little more authentic and business models a little more sustainable. We will be posting on this channel regularly describing the brands that we feel are doing a great job in building deeper communities and retaining their customers. So follow us here and do let us know what you think of our content - we would love to build an authentic connection with you too.

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